Quick Questions

When a Sensei indicates on their profile that they are happy to answer questions, learners can message them to request a short piece of advice. It’s like having your own personal Sensei with you.

The general rule this feature are as follows

  • Should not take more than 2 minutes to answer
  • Should be based on Sensei’s knowledge and not require and investigation/ research
  • Learners must award a SenseiStar on receiving the response
  • Only one Quick Question per Sensei allowed

Below is an example. In this example, the Sensei is an English teacher. 

To begin, press the “Message” button on the Sensei’s Profile, or on the Sensei Search Page.

This will open the chat box. Begin the chat with “Quick Question!”

After a short while, the Sensei responds.

When you receive a response, thank the Sensei by awarding them a Sensei Star!

Please note that this site cannot guarantee answers to Quick Questions. Please see the Learner Terms of Service for more information.