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Welcome to SenseiStar.com, the Social Network for Teachers and Students in Japan

This is a site for freelance English Teachers, French Teachers, Piano Teachers, Computer Programmers – anyone who can teach in Japan!

Online teachers also welcome!

A new way to connect with private students

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Unlike other matching sites, we are striving to build a community of helpful students and freelance teachers. 

Teachers can earn points (called Sensei Stars ⭐) for helpful content and answering questions from our community of learners. 

The more Sensei Stars the teacher receives, the higher they rank on the Sensei Search page. 

Share your passion for teaching and get more private students

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  • Plan your own schedule
  • Decide your own lesson fee and keep the money you earn (usually ¥2,500 – ¥5,000 per hour)
  • Teach in locations convenient for you
  • Get help and advice from other teachers in the private Sensei Forum

Can you answer these questions?

You can earn Sensei Stars ⭐ and build your reputation by answering questions from our community. 

We have teachers registered all over Japan and beyond!

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