Sensei Terms of Service

Before using (hereafter referred to as “this website”, please read the following terms and conditions)

Note: “teacher” (先生), referred to on this website as “sensei”, means a user of this website who signs up and create a Sensei profile

“Learner” (学習者) means to a paying subscriber of this websites who pays to access the messaging and other features with the intention of hiring a teacher for lessons.

1. Service outline
This website connects teachers with people who are looking for a teacher.
This website does not provide recruitment, dispatch or any other human resources-related service. This website provides a platform for teachers to create a profile and post content, a system where said profiles can be search and viewed, and a messaging feature which can be initiated by Learners.
Learners are required to make contact with Senseis directly using the messaging feature on the website, and this website has absolutely no role concerning lessons carried out between the Learners and Senseis.
Senseis are able to receive points known as “Sensei Stars” from Learners for posting interesting content or answering Quick Questions on their subject.
NB: Sensei accounts only have the ability to reply to messages they have received, i.e, they are not able to begin conversations with Learners.

2. Teacher requirements
To conduct lessons resulting from using this service, teachers must be of working age and have the right to live and work in Japan. For teachers conducting lessons online in countries other than Japan, teachers must comply with all relevant tax rules and provide clear instructions on how they can receive payment on their profiles.
Teachers may not post false information on their profile. Teachers found to have displayed false information may have their profiles removed without notice.

3. Contact with Learners
Teachers who have selected one or more slots for in the “Available Lesson Times” section of their profile and who have not set their profile to private mode must respond to lesson requests within three days of receiving the message. Teachers who repeatedly ignore messages while displaying on their profile that they are available may have their profile unpublished.
Teachers are able to configure the privacy of their profile as well as message settings in the Account Settings page.

4. Quick Questions
Teachers who have ticked the “Happy to answer a quick question on my subject in exchange for Sensei Star” are expected to answer the question within one day of receiving the message. Teachers are not expected to spend more than 2 minutes answering Quick Questions and may untick this box at any time.

5. Personal Information
This website will not disclose personal information of users to any third parties for the purpose of any commercial activity. This website will cooperate in accordance with lawful demands from authorities authorised to make such demands under Japanese law.

6. Prohibited actions
Users may not use offensive language, threaten or send any other inappropriate content.
Users who use this website to send inappropriate messages may be banned without warning.

7. Rights Held by This Website
On breaching any part of the terms and conditions, users lose the right to use this service.
This website reserves the right to suspend or terminate its service to all users without notice.

8. Disclaimer
Teachers giving lessons contact and/ or meet the Learners found on this website at their own risk. This website takes no responsibility and cannot be held accountable for problems which arise from unlawful access by third parties, nor any consequences arising from not being able to access this website. Furthermore, this website takes no responsibility and cannot be held accountable for any actions carried out by teachers or Learners registered on this website.